The City of Marshalltown, IA 1. Iowa Open Records Request The following records are being requested in accordance with Iowa Code Chapter 22. 1. The City of Marshalltown, IA’s, billing receipts with BDH Technology for August 2022 and January 2024. The City of Marshalltown, IA’s public MX domain name system (DNS) records show the City […]

Marshall County, IA Attorney Gaffney: Good evening, Sir; I am sending this correspondence to communicate my intention to stop by your office next Tuesday to talk to you at your convenience or to schedule an appointment.  I want to introduce myself and convey my appreciation and gratitude toward the evidence I have tracked over the […]

Iowa Department of Public Safety Commissioner Bayens: I respectfully request a point of contact and physical address to serve the Iowa Department of Public Safety court documents regarding the evidence of your department’s failure to appropriately respond to a public records request in accordance with Iowa Code Chapter 22. The 12 JAN 2024 request requested […]

Mrs. Simmons, I hope you are doing well and had a good holiday last week.  I will begin working on Letters of Appreciation for each officer of the Grinnell, IA Police Department shortly.  I am respectfully requesting a copy of the chest cam footage for the last time I talked to Officer Moore when he […]

The State of Iowa: I have included my lease to assist the unethical within the State of Iowa with the execution of the evidence supporting their malicious acts so they have a legal document showing where I live in the event they desire to continue their campaign of malicious behavior towards me that evidence shows […]