M E M O R A N D U M From: Michael J. Merritt, USN Retired/Writercipher.hunter@cipherphoenix-phoenix-u10113.vm.elestio.app To: Iowa Public Information BoardWallace Building, Third Floor502 East 9th StDes Moines, IA 50319 Iowa Public School District Government Bodies(Electronic Service) – See Enclosure (18.) Siobhan Schneider, Iowa Association of School Boards, Associate Executive Director Board Leadership and Legal […]

I am providing the following information (evidence) to the leadership of the State of Iowa to be viewed if they are no longer available upon the transmission of correspondence that I am preparing to commercial and federal agencies across the United States of America. The City of Marshalltown, IA’s mail portal: Zimbra Web Client Sign […]

ICRC: I filed a complaint in January 2024 against the Iowa Public Information Board related to the evidence of its failure to respond to numerous public records requests related to its historical conduct/collaboration with Jasper County, IA, and evidence of retaliation in the form of a dismissal of a complaint based on misrepresented facts. At […]

Iowa Attorney General Brenna Bird: On 12 APR 2023, Jasper County, IA Sheriff’s Office Reserve Deputy Ryan Eaton falsely accused me of stalking (See: Iowa Code Section 708.11) Jasper County, IA employees, and spousal abuse in an email he sent to Jasper County, IA Attorney Scott Nicholson. Jasper County, IA, Sheriff Halferty would later acknowledge that […]

Jasper County, IA Attorney Nicholson: Good afternoon, Sir. I hope this correspondence finds you well. I received a public record from the City of Grinnell, IA, articulating statements you are documented on public records communicating on 14 APR 2023. Please confirm and authenticate the accuracy of these statements, which Captain Johnson of the Grinnell, IA, […]