The Form of Jabba The Hutt

Mrs. Simmons,

I hope you are doing well and had a good holiday last week.  I will begin working on Letters of Appreciation for each officer of the Grinnell, IA Police Department shortly.  I am respectfully requesting a copy of the chest cam footage for the last time I talked to Officer Moore when he gave me a fist bump and told me not to be a stranger.  I am also requesting copies of the official portraits of each officer so that I can include them in the Letters of Appreciation that I will be sending to the following agencies:

President of the United States of America
Vice President of the United States of America.
United States Department of Justice
Governor of the State of Iowa
Iowa Senate
Iowa House of Representatives
Attorney General’s Office of the State of Iowa
Iowa Department of Public Safety
Iowa Civil Rights Commission

I do not have a date of completion for this project because I am working on completing court documents I will be filing against the City of Newton, IA, before 08 AUG 2024.  I have uncovered evidence of a significant inconsistency regarding official conduct and the Iowa Code in the State of Iowa.  It is my belief to lawfully rip the carpet out from underneath the unethical within the State of Iowa and the Iowa Public Information Board and provide the people of Iowa the proper form of this failed tax-funded institution, completed court cases are required based upon properly constructed arguments supported by evidence that show the proper form of the Iowa Public Information Board and what it has allegedly disregarded or exploited historically.  At the same time, the evidence shows this alleged board sought to lure and seduce the Iowa Legislature into expanding its political power to protect and expand government body political power while the evidence shows it disregarded citizen requests for help regarding the same section of the Iowa Code (Iowa Code Section 708.7) that the evidence in preliminary form indicates the Iowa Public Information Board maliciously exploited while publicly humiliating and further damaging the life and mental health of a disabled Veteran that has been hospitalized and treated for suicidal ideations, severe depression, etc during the time of these related historical events. 

I believe this has been allowed to continue because the average Iowan and American have busy lives and much to lose challenging those who have manifested this system (i.e., court costs, false allegations of criminal conduct, public humiliation, loss of employment, etc.).  I believe the average citizen files a complaint with the Iowa Public Information Board, and if the complaint is not critical (administrative error), it is most likely corrected.  Suppose the complaint concerns something of critical civil impact that is contrary to the agendas of those in power. In that case, I believe that the evidence provides a reasonable conclusion that those who administer the Iowa Public Information Board disregard and misrepresent evidence/public records as documented in public records stored and preserved by this government body to report a dismissal.  At the same time, the historical record shows that if there are issues in a case, the Iowa Public Information Board works through them until it can document a dismissal, ultimately leading to an Iowa Public Information Board Annual Report that provides the desired illusion that there are minimal or no problems in the State of Iowa (See Also:  Iowa Civil Rights Commission?).

I believe I am perfect for this work because I have nothing left to lose, and the only thing I have to my name is a book of jokes I wrote that nobody seems interested in.  Ultimately, I believe the evidence indicates that some people in positions of power within the State of Iowa deploy their position of public trust while throwing words around, like defamation, slander, harassment, stalking, abuse, etc., to discredit and attack people who are a possible civil threat to a government body or their career.  As the evidence shows, I am still sitting outside on my deck waiting for Jasper County, IA, Attorney Scott Nicholson’s civil court paperwork process server regarding this alleged “defamation” your officers documented he alleged against me in April 2023

I only have one more public records request for the City of Grinnell, IA, regarding any available communications the City of Grinnell, IA, has from the Jasper County, IA, Attorney’s office or the Poweshiek County, IA, Attorney’s office.  I have concerns regarding the professional conduct of these two offices and possible coordination, as supported by the evidence. I am not in a position to augment entirely publicly on this theory at this moment because I believe what I have received to date across the State of Iowa is only the tip of the iceberg regarding this issue (as supported by the evidence that shows Jasper County, IA was the government body Iowa Public Information Board Executive Director coordinated the proposed vexatious legislation-Eckley is documented in the Iowa Capital Dispatch, articulating that no Iowa government bodies allegedly requested this proposed legislation). I intend to present a case that includes evidence that I believe is still stored and preserved within the State of Iowa.

The City of Grinnell, IA, is why I have been able to continue getting up every morning and walking forward.  The support and exceptional character of the City of Grinnell, IA’s leadership, and law enforcement officers have been a source of light that has helped restore me. Once I finalize these public records requests, I will remove the City of Grinnell, IA, from my operational public records request database. I do not believe it is necessary to request further public records from this city that has only provided evidence of professionalism, compassion, empathy, and constitutional morality toward the citizens that it leads, serves, and protects.

At your convenience, please let me know what the fee is for the requested chest cam footage that I will be utilizing to articulate what I believe a true law enforcement officer manifests and official portraits for me to include in my Letters of Appreciation.  My address is in the lease I provided in the previous email. I will send the required fee around the 26th when I get my retirement.  I respectfully request permission to keep the City of Grinnell, IA, in the loop regarding my correspondence. The City of Grinnell, IA, is the only Iowa government body I trust. If I can provide transparency within my own humanity, I think it would help me personally to continue this mission, knowing that my friends within the City of Grinnell, IA, are with me in spirit.

God Bless You All and Take Care.  If you ever need or want to hear a good joke, don’t ask me for one, but I am sure I can find someone to tell you one. When I have completed this work and am at a point in my life, God willing, where a morning coffee and telling the local Chief of Police and Veteran a joke is all that I have to worry about, I may move back to the City of Grinnell, IA if Chief of Police McClelland can still handle my lack of personality :).

Many Veterans commit suicide every year because they are unable to successfully rejoin and feel a part of the society and country that they served and defended for many different reasons. I believe the form of the one government body in the State of Iowa that took the time to protect and minimize that statistic within my own life and possibly the lives of others should be known to others and celebrated. This is because we would be living in a better world and a better State of Iowa if other Iowa Law Enforcement Departments manifested the same form of professionalism, compassion, and integrity that is demonstrated daily by the leadership and execution of responsibilities of the City of Grinnell, IA Chief of Police McClelland and the honorable officers of the Grinnell, IA Police Department.

God Bless You All and stay safe. Thank you for your service. You all are my only friends in the State of Iowa.

The Form of the Operation Enduring Freedom A-Team

Doc:  “Where’s Merritt?”
OG:  “I don’t know.”
Tropic Thunder:  “He’s probably washing his hands for the millionth time, and dusting his Trump Bible and Trump Shoes.”
Doc: OG, go to the Professor’s new studio apartment/barracks room and tell him he is late for muster.  Tropic Thunder, start the van.  We have work to do.”
OG: “Roger, Master Chief.”
OG:  “Merritt, what are you..”
Cipher Hunter:  “Dude, I have almost restored this server and I have upgraded the Warp Drive on our public records database.”
OG:  “Bro, is that your Jabba The Hutt Star Wars toy taped to a cross.”
Cipher Hunter:  “Yeah, that’s my Trump Crucifix.”
OG:  “Bro, there something wrong with you Dude.”


The Dude With Wild Hair That Wears Pajamas

a.k.a Iowa’s Vexatious Records Requester

a.k.a Cipher Hunter