Iowa Open Records Request – Jasper County, IA – #020



Ref: 1. Iowa Code Title I State Sovereignty and Management, Chapter 22 Examination of Public Records (Open Records)
2. Iowa Code Title I State Sovereignty and Management, Chapter 23 Public Access to Government Information (Iowa Public Information Board Act) – Section 23.7 – Filing of complaints with the board.
3. Title XVI – CRIMINAL LAW AND PROCEDURE, Chapter 708 Assault, Section 708.11 Stalking

Enc: (1.) Electronic Mail – Ryan Eaton – 12 APR 2023
(2.) Chest Cam Footage – Michael J. Merritt – Jasper County, IA Sheriffs Department – 13 APR 2023

1. Introduction

Ryan Eaton communicated in electronic mail on 13 APR 2023, “You are correct, I did go to my office and ignore you. I was not really sure how to handle a man with wild hair and in pajamas following me through the courthouse with a camera asking why I am being mean to him. I don’t suppose I learned anything. I still would not know how a rational
person is supposed to react to that.”
; “The day you started stalking county employees and mapping their locations and times, I received several phone calls complaining and asking me to stop it. I untagged the posts and you replied “Nice try” and reapplied them. I contacted Facebook and they suggested I simply block you. Sorry it does not fit your last 8 months of all these elected officials trying to silence you. It was simply to protect county employees. Really is came down to economics. It is cheaper for the county to be sued by 1 and explain in court why I took action than to be sued by 9 employees of the office you tagged for ignoring their employee safety complaints.”

2. Requested Information

(a.) Jasper County, IA, is requested to provide security camera or other captured evidence showing Michael J. Merritt following or stalking Jasper County, IA employees in the Jasper County, IA courthouse.