Electronic Mail – US Department of Veterans Affairs – The Patriot and Eternal Watch Stander

Mrs. Covington,

I have been getting several voicemails from the US Department of Veterans Affairs. My provider recommended this voluntary residential treatment approximately two months ago because of the historical timeline of what I have experienced and how it has impacted my health. I am at a point where I feel very overwhelmed and shut down. I would like to respectfully request a ride to take me to the VA on the 10th. My health is not doing well, and I hope to get my other appointments caught up while I am at the Des Moines VA Hospital. I don’t have a car and am having difficulty processing life. I have included links for three videos that will provide context for what I have been dealing with. At the same time, I live with a citizen with a college degree in psychology that has witnessed the deterioration and resurgence of my obsessive-compulsive disorder symptoms, depression, and anxiety while dealing with multiple false allegations of criminal conduct supported by zero evidence as documented by public records in the States of California and Iowa, including evidence of malicious acts and attacks from those that are put in place to manage the people’s work while I have requested public records documenting their historical record.


Growing up, I felt like I did not fit in anywhere. I joined the US Navy because I wanted to be like my Grandpa and because I wanted to be a part of something. There was this part of me (in psychological terms, possibly my child mind) that thought I would finally be good enough to be a part of this country when I came home after serving it for twenty years. But, unfortunately, as the evidence indicates, I did not possess the value in the eyes of those I asked for help to receive protection of rights articulated in our founding documents and our state’s code that make up the foundation of our state and republic. At the same time, if the evidence indicated that those I asked for help adequately performed their responsibilities, it would be reasonable to believe they would have released documents our laws stipulate are public records when requested.

The ignorant and the malicious among us produce evidence of criminal acts easily represented with physical evidence (disorganized). At the same time, I believe that the research and investigation I am doing is constructing a psychological profile of a citizen that is consumed in entitlement and unethical acts that utilize indirect and passive-aggressive attacks on those they seek to profit from while pursuing a desired sum from acts they believe will produce zero evidence impacting the reputation of the face they show society (organized).

When I departed your facility in the Spring of 2019, I let go of what I thought my life was and began studying the law to protect my children. But, unfortunately, I have lost that opportunity while pursuing records stored and preserved by those that evidence indicates neglected their duties. At the same time, the evidence indicates they concealed public records I requested for over one year while falsely accusing me of violating a section of our criminal code (Iowa Code Section 708.7) that I had reported being the victim on the public records evidence shows this government body concealed for over one year. In addition, Jasper County, IA, has accused me of violating Iowa Code Section 708.11 while I have requested public records in accordance with Iowa Code Chapter 22 related to Jasper County, IA’s historical use of social media during the 2022 election year. At the same time, communications with Jasper County, IA, Sheriff Halferty, and our state’s court records show I have never been charged with a crime.

I respectfully request to be put in dry dock so that I can be refurbished and repaired to continue my work and mission to protect others from what I have lost.

I have included the below video because it is a video that manifests what I feel inside. A man who feels he has nothing left boldly and honorably pushing back against the evil that destroys the lives of the innocent while charging forward in accordance with our laws to protect the innocent and release the captive in the name of Jesus Christ on what he believes is his last ride.

We need to ask ourselves as a society why we persecute mental health symptoms while some attempt to criminalize them. At the same time, we turn a blind eye away from evidence of those who executed acts that caused the symptom-producing wounds because of social and cultural bias and personal prejudice. The evidence I have witnessed indicates that those with evil hearts, whether in private or public life, produce evidence that they see themselves above the law. How many lives will we throw away while protecting the integrity of the state before we manifest a future paradigm where the state has taken the place of the people as the foundation of importance in this great republic?

I am publishing these words on this 25th day of April, not because I am seeking sympathy from a country that evidence indicates abandoned my children after I served it. But, because I desire to be a light for others’ suffering while I attempt to build a template for those seeking to produce justice through honorable acts in accordance with our laws instead of walking down a dark path that only produces more pain. At the same time, those who have suffered that choose to walk this dark path only become a part of the paradigm of evil that damaged them while they pursue a flawed form of justice rooted in anger and not the lighted halls of our nation’s justice system.

Patriotism is not waving a device authorized by the 2nd Amendment while beating a loud drum within our international borders. Instead, patriotism has the courage to stand watch outside our nation’s borders at length while serving the people’s orders during the darkest times while protecting the sovereignty of our physical boundaries. At the same time, having the honor, courage, and commitment to pick up a pen and speak with others while defending the identity of our nation and our founding documents as they manifest themselves within our borders.

Legal Disclaimer: This public post aims to provide transparency and evidence regarding how this country treats those with psychological wounds and zero criminal records after they produce evidence of honorably serving this country. This public post does not communicate an act or intention that violates the Iowa Code, federal law, or the safety of the author or any other citizen, body, property, or entity of the State of Iowa or this republic. These words represent the testimony of a man who retired with gold chevrons and an honorable discharge, not because he never made a mistake but because he was honest with those he served during the darkest times.

When I retired from serving this great republic, I lost the only thing I had left my children. I will only stop my work and mission once I have helped produce a paradigm in accordance with our laws that protect the integrity and spirit of Iowa Code Chapter 598.1 and California Family Code 7602 for future parents and their children. If it is God’s will that my acts in accordance with our laws produce additional false allegations supported by zero evidence by those seeking to remain in darkness. The Truth and the Light will manifest God’s will.