Electronic Mail – Iowa Public Information Board – Iowa Legislature

Iowa Public Information Board Executive Director Eckley/City of Newton, IA Attorney Brick, I am requesting a copy of the 04 JAN 2023 public record request Executive Director Eckley documented in her dismissal that I allegedly provided to the City of Newton, IA, that produced the public records I received from the City of Newton, IA, on 13 MAR 2023 as stated by Executive Director Eckley in her signed dismissal.

When you both locate this document you have communicated exists as documented in Executive Director Eckley’s Iowa Public Information Board Dismissal and public records reflecting your historical correspondence, please provide it to the entire Iowa Senate and my electronic mail address. This presentation of evidence is necessary to provide proof that the Iowa Public Information Board Executive Director’s dismissal is a reflection of the Truth.

I will provide copies of my complaints against both of you with the Iowa Supreme Court Disciplinary Review Board to each Iowa Public Information Board member on 20 JUL 2022. In the future, every statement that either of you communicates the evidence does not support will be immediately filed with the Iowa Attorney Disciplinary Review Board. Seventy-two hours after the current dismissals are approved, an additional complaint will be filed against Iowa Public Information Board Executive Director Eckley, Jasper County, IA Attorney Nicholson, and the City of Newton, IA Attorney Matthew Brick with the Iowa Supreme Court Disciplinary Review Board correlating every statement in the Iowa Public Information Board Executive Director’s dismissals that is not supported by evidence or ethical logic including evidence of where the statement in the Iowa Public Information Board dismissal originated.

Executive Director Eckley, your dismissal is not consistent with the attention to detail generally presented by an accomplished professional in control of the management of what they are leading. I respectfully submit you have no more authority over me than what God has provided you. Your dismissals cannot block the only path to the Truth and the Light. They are simply evidence of whether your testimony and career represent the Light of God and the light within the philosophical paradigms, ethics, and laws we have agreed upon as a republic.

Executive Director Eckley, attached is the chest cam footage you documented in your signed dismissal that I never paid for or received from the City of Newton, IA. I am confident I have provided it to you in previous correspondence.

No licensed lawyer is qualified or capable of concealing the truth. They only provide evidence that disqualifies them from the license(s) and positions they hold. This theory is verified by my first and only lawyer, who was fired three months after her firm provided an NDA; they failed to execute correctly while canceling thousands in billing related to the evidence of their legal representation pertaining to child concealment and sexual-based financial extortion.

I am not the enemy. I am only a writer who documents the truth. I believe this world crucifies those that speak or write about the Truth because evil lacks the courage to face it in the Light of God.

Ultimately this world will continue to try and criminalize me and crucify me because that is the reality of what it must do to protect the world of deceit it has built its monuments and capitals on. If the State of Iowa were righteous, then the evidence would not support the conclusion that its Iowa Public Information Board Executive Director would misrepresent numerous facts supported by evidence in her dismissals while allegedly assisting two government bodies with concealing public records that document their alleged unethical acts Iowa Code Chapter 22 articulates are public records.

If this world only has words not supported by the evidence of Truth, it only lays the foundation of its revelation.  Bricks that evidence indicates are compromised will slowly dissolve under the constant pressure of Living Water and the Wind.