Electronic Mail – Iowa Public Information Board – 20 FEB 2023

Mrs. Johnson,

I have read through my complaint and need help understanding where Brett references the $20. My complaint was regarding the City of Newton, IA, refusing to let me take a photograph of an official portrait of Chief of Police Burdess that is allegedly on the wall in the City of Newton, IA, City Hall, where arrested citizens are taken through, as well as body cam footage of Officer Watson from the day documented on my request. I understand City Attorney Brick has communicated the body cam footage does not exist. At the same time, I have evidence of City Attorney Matthew Brick documenting body cam footage did exist, and after I paid the required fee in accordance with Iowa Code Section 22.3, I was told it did not exist.

It would seem highly irresponsible of Officer Watson not to record an interaction with a citizen evidence indicates City Attorney Brick has instructed the entire leadership of the Newton, IA Police Department not to talk to (as documented in chest cam footage in my case file with Officer Oldfield from a previous request). At the same time, I can understand why the City of Newton, IA, would not want to release this chest cam footage, given that what I heard Officer Watson communicate regarding his involvement in June 2019 Call For Service 19016725 is not consistent with his name appearing on the record.

Regarding Mrs. Johnson and the City of Newton, IA’s assertion that the space this alleged official portrait is stored and preserved is restricted, here are YouTube videos, including public records in the form of chest cam footage showing the contents of these spaces.

The internal area of this alleged public building begins at 22:18

KCCI News:

The internal area of this alleged public building begins at 1:40

The internal area of this alleged public building begins at 19:33

It would be completely acceptable if Chief Burdess would like to take a picture of this alleged official portrait of himself, allegedly stored and preserved on a wall inside the City of Newton, IA City Hall. But, unfortunately, this official photo published on the City of Newton, IA’s Official Website, City Attorney Matthew Brick communicated, does not exist evidence indicates are published all over the internet.

If I may respectfully submit Mr. Brick, let’s be honest with each other. The requested receipts in IPIB complaint 22FC:0071 do not have the significance they once had. The evidence I have published publicly indicates I have dismantled the City of Newton, IA, and your inconsistent use of Iowa Code Section 22.7.

Ultimately any evidence of an unnecessary delay or burden a licensed party places on me that party will carry themselves in a court of law. City Attorney Brick, you have communicated to the Iowa Public Information Board the receipts I have requested are stored on the City of Newton, IA’s mail server. You will accept my $79 payment because I am sending it to your office via USPS registered mail.

How you find record receipts allegedly from an accounts receivable database on a mail server is your problem.

If you understood what it means to serve a nation and what it feels like to experience evidence of being betrayed by it, you would ultimately realize there is no evidence of a device of deceit or misrepresentation that will halt my work.

If I do not fix this injustice, the next person it victimizes is my fault because I allowed it.

I am not going to allow this injustice to continue.


City of Newton, IA Police Department CFS 19016725
Iowa Public Information Board – Final Order – 22FC:0071
(Iowa Public Information Board – Final Order – 22FC:0071 is not published publicly with this correspondence due to it including payment information directed by the Iowa Public Information Board in this case.