Electronic Mail – City of Newton, IA Attorney Matthew Brick – Entitlement and the Evidence of the Unqualified Arrogance, Deceit, and Concealment it Produces – 19 APR 2023

Mr. Brick:

During the next city council meeting, I will update the City of Newton, IA, regarding the historical evidence of your performance and handling of the Iowa Public Information Board case: 22FC:0071. Including the evidence supporting why the $79 payment you solicited with the Iowa Public Information Board has been returned to me twice, including once from your office, while the evidence shows I acquired the records you stipulated were stored and preserved on the city’s mail server for $4.50. At the same time, the evidence shows the requested public records were stored and preserved on the computer in the City of Newton, IA, Police Department Business Office, where every citizen witnesses these receipts being produced. As I no longer have the receipt stub for the USPS money order I purchased in January 2023 for the amount you articulated, I am respectfully requesting the ability to turn this USPS money order into the City of Newton, IA, for a refund, including a receipt documenting this event.

On 11 SEP 2001, our nation was attacked during the worst act of terrorism in our nation’s history. At the same time, this event caused the most extensive loss of American life since the 31 MAY 1889 flood caused by the failure of the South Fork Damn that led to the flooding of Johnston, Pennsylvania. An event caused by the acts and decisions of many famous gilded age American industrialists while maintaining their luxury vacation club. On 11 SEP 2001, while most of us watched the World Trade Centers as they fell on national news, I sat eating my dinner on the mess decks during my first deployment onboard the USS Princeton (CG-59) as I witnessed these events while assigned to the USS Carl Vinson Battle Group. I was a Cryptographic Technician Communications Second Class working in one of the ship’s highest classified spaces. I am not authorized, nor will I elaborate on the mechanics and logistics of my involvement in launching any tomahawk missiles or their targets. At the same time, Jim Brick of Brick Gentry P.C. communicated on 05 AUG 2022, “This guy could be dangerous. There is no threat of physical violence in this letter but he certainly seems to have the mind set that justifies violence.[sic] On 08 AUG 2022, you communicated with zero supporting evidence while denying my access to a public accommodation, “Mr. Merritt, Over the course of the past few months, you have sent City officials and staff dozens of emails. Your correspondence is beyond the scope of standard government and citizen communications and has reached the level of harassment. Given your past attempts to threaten and intimidate City personnel, effective immediately, any future emails from you to City staff and elected officials will not be delivered to City email addresses. This ban will last for a period of six months. This ban does not prevent you from contacting City staff or elected officials for routine City-related business via other means (i.e., letter, telephone, in person, etc.) Please take notice and govern yourself accordingly.”

Mr. Brick, I would like to take this opportunity to respectfully submit that it seems what the ethics of Brick Gentry P.C. have revealed is that when I possibly was involved in ending lives while protecting the sovereignty of a republic’s judicial system, you profit from while maintaining the mansions where your families live, you were ok with that. But, at the same time, if I execute actions that produce evidence of adhering to our laws while pursuing public records stored and preserved by your client to defend the rights of my children in court (evidence indicates you concealed for over one year while unethically utilizing Iowa Code Section 22.7) I am accused of criminal acts your client’s law enforcement department was not aware of.

Mr. Brick, would you consider a launched Tomahawk that ended the lives of others living within a hostile regime an act requiring a “mind set that justifies violence?[sic]” Or does your law firm simply throw around false allegations of criminal conduct as a strategic move while attempting to navigate your client’s civil issues?

The evidence indicates that during the last year, you have produced evidence of entitlement and lack of ownership while falsely accusing me of a crime the evidence indicates I did not commit. Additionally, public records stored and preserved in the State of California articulate I was once married. At the same time, I am flattered but currently not ready for a new relationship. I hope to remain friends while my future requests for public records with the City of Newton, IA, are handled more efficiently, while lacking unnecessary theatrics.

As public records indicate, Jasper County, IA, Attorney Scott Nicholson is also in the field of false allegations against innocent citizens requesting public records documenting the evidence of his alleged unethical acts. Therefore, I have included him in this electronic mail so that you both can learn how to properly “court” a classy veteran with zero criminal records.

Council Member Trotter, you impressed me with evidence of your kind-hearted personality and sense of humor when I first met you. At the same time, publicly available evidence indicates I have recently published a few very high low, quality jokes. I hope you have a new joke for me next time our paths cross within the City of Newton, IA’s council chambers.

Mayor Hansen, I respectfully submit I detected a tone in your voice as you spoke to me when I departed the City of Newton, IA chambers, on 17 APR 2023, which provided an evolved insight into the kind of leader you are in contrast to the evidence that has been recently publicly published. I may require more data and personal experience before accurately knowing who you are, Michael.


In this life, we all make mistakes. However, it is how we walk forward that determines who we are.


(1.) Iowa Public Information Board – Final Order – Including Evidence of Payment is not included in this post to protect the integrity of the financial instrument included in this document for the communicated fee by City of Newton, IA Attorney Brick during Iowa Public INformation Board case: 22FC:0071.
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