This account will no longer be actively utilized by Michael J. Merritt, owner of this profile that evidence indicates is stored and preserved at Altoona Data Center, 100 Share Way NW, Altoona, IA, United States, Iowa. This account is now viewed by its owner as evidence in a future complaint with the Iowa Civil […]

The ambitious, the disorganized, and those lacking intelligence and ethics believe they have succeeded when they accomplish their objective while concealing the device that manifested their desired sum in darkness. At the same time, the patient, the organized, and the strategic accomplish their objective without violating the laws of Earth or those given to us […]

Jasper County, IA Sheriff John HalfertyJasper County Sheriff’s Office2300 Law Center DriveNewton, IA 50208 A light that shines brightly in the darkness that manifests itself in the shadows behind the limestone of Iowa’s halls of justice. I have witnessed evidence that Jasper County, IA, is consumed in darkness. But, at the same time, I trust […]