Public Accommodations – BackgroundMichael J. Merritt vs. Iowa Public Information BoardCase Number: 10-23-80682 1. Describe the incident in question. Include as many details as possible regarding the date, location, and individuals involved. The Iowa Public Information Board produced evidence of refusing to process complaints that were submitted in accordance with Iowa Code Section 23.7. At […]

Mr. Brick, I am requesting a copy of the city council meeting video including the dialog shown in reference (1.).   References: “They pull buildings down in Alaska. They can pull buildings down in Iowa in October, November, December. You know when they could have? They could have pulled the building down three effing years ago,” Brick said, prompting […]

Iowa Public Information Board: I will electronically serve all requested documents and supporting evidence to the IPIB, ICRC, and Poweshiek County, IA, by Monday, 04 DEC 2023 at 0800. The ICRC is included in this correspondence because this situation is relevant to a pending complaint I filed against the Iowa Public Information Board involving evidence […]