When an organization or individual gives up something or provides easy access to an object to an external entity to persuade that party to believe they have accessed everything stored and preserved by the party being investigated or searched. At the same time, the party holding what is desired seeks to continue protecting and concealing […]

Malicious lives are consumed in the web of a spider that crawled across the truth they tried to conceal. Showing evidence of the lives they executed actions to steal. As they wait for the opening of the Seventh Seal, my Lord’s Judgment, he will reveal. As I watch them slowly become this spider’s meal as […]

I retired from the battlefield because I know it’s what is best for those I care about. I know it is what is spiritually necessary to strive toward forgiveness of those that concealed my children from me. As those that have attempted to conceal the truth continue to do so, they will make the war […]

Accomplishing operational objectives in the face of extreme adversity are not achieved by actions rooted in how we feel, but those that are calculated based upon mission requirements and responsible operational risk management. Attaining strategic supremacy on the battlefield is only achieved with the proper implementation of finite and infinite game theory based on a […]