Iowa Law Enforcement’s Pursuit of Mental Health Disabilities On The Waters of Saylorville Lake

Jasper County, IA/City of Newton, IA

When my work is complete I will have acquired your social media block lists and electronic mail including my name and the word vexatious.  At the same time, I will provide evidence to the State of Iowa showing both government bodies’ attempts to unethically and unlawfully conceal these public records while violating Iowa Code Chapter 22.

My greatest regret is the amount of my time, ultimately you will have wasted believing that you could succeed with these unethical acts.  At the same time, delaying my pursuit of my lifelong dream of living a peaceful life on a ship of the line on the waters of Saylorville Lake, IA.  At the same time, spending every day of the rest of my life warning city folk of the great white that haunts these waters.

The City of Newton, IA Chief of Police Robert Burdess:  “Hey, did you see a Veteran with wild hair wearing pajamas run by here?”
Old Salt: “Veteran with wild hair wearing pajamas run by Chief, Veteran with wild hair wearing pajamas go in the water.  Shark in the water.”
The City of Newton, IA PD LT Wing: “What?”
Old Salt: “I’m talking about the Saylorville Lake Great White, Chief.  No doubt about it, 20 maybe 25 footer.”
The City of Newton, IA Chief of Police Robert Burdess:  “There’s no shark here.”
Old Salt: “Are you sure about that, Chief?  Ever seen a lawyer’s eyes Chief?  Kind of like doll’s eyes, all black and lifeless like.  29 Iowa public records requesters go in the water, 22 Iowa public records requesters come out of the water.  The Iowa Public Information Board they take the rest.
The City of Newton, IA Chief of Police Robert Burdess:  “Wait, show me your pajamas.”
Old Salt: “You want to see my pajamas Chief.  These are my pajamas right here Chiefy, with gold chevrons and 20 years of gold service stripes.”


Michael J. Merritt