City of Newton, IA – Update

Iowa Public Information Board:

I have received the requested public record related to my recent complaint against the City of Newton, IA. I will be providing correspondence to the Iowa Public Information Board, the City of Newton, IA, and the Iowa Legislature on Monday, 26 FEB 2024, regarding why I believe this complaint should be accepted and moved forward to provide the City of Newton, IA, proper administrative guidance and protocol related to improving its public records response process. At the same time, this administrative training and oversight should produce relief for the Iowa Public Information Board’s resources regarding future complaints against the City of Newton, IA.

The necessity of documented administrative oversight and training regarding the Iowa public records request process in the City of Newton, IA, is imperative to correct the current paradigm of ignore, misrepresent, overcharge, withhold, criminalize, delay, repeat. 

The Form of Burdess

OG: “Did you hear that the City of Newton, IA City Council is installing cameras to catch excessive speeding on I-80?”
Cipher Hunter: “I would be willing to speculate they are for the same reason I built a database to collect evidence of politicians moving slowly (or not at all) regarding state public records law requirements.”
OG:  “What will you do if they send you a ticket?”
Cipher Hunter:  “Maybe I should send them a link to my driver’s license, lie about the existence of my car, and then falsely accuse the City of Newton, IA City Council of harassment and threats against my abilities to operate a motor vehicle.  Tyranny is a paradigm where the flock is expected to obey the rules while the alleged shepherds make up their own in real-time as it correlates with the evidence of their historical acts.”

Bowman, Beau. “Central Iowa City Plans to Put up Cameras to Catch Speeders on Interstate 80.” KCCI, KCCI, 23 Feb. 2024, Accessed 23 Feb. 2024.

City Council Meeting – City of Newton, IA – 02 OCT 2023

“An Iowa man is suing the City of Newton for arresting him after he attempted to criticize the city’s police at a public meeting of elected officials.”

“Video of the meeting shows that during the public comment period, Peterson began reading a prepared statement in which he called the mayor and the police chief “the top two fascists in this town” and called for both to be removed from office.”

2. Kauffman, Clark. “City Sued for Arresting Man Who Criticized Newton Mayor and Police – Iowa Capital Dispatch.” Iowa Capital Dispatch, 12 Oct. 2023, Accessed 1 Dec. 2023.

Mountains of evidence show that the City of Newton, IA leadership (whether elected, appointed, or contracted) insert safeguards to elevate the evidence of their conduct above the same interpretations of our laws that the leadership of the City of Newton, IA enforces upon those they allegedly lead.

Suppose this elected body cannot correct itself according to our laws. In that case, I will assist the City of Newton, IA’s leadership in accordance with our laws as we work through these anomalies together.

City Council Meeting – City of Newton IA – 19 FEB 2024


Cipher Hunter

Legal Name: Michael J. Merritt, as documented on birth records stored and preserved by Marshall County, IA, and military service records stored and preserved by the United States Department of Defense.