The Form of the Marshalltown, IA Bobcat

Get to Know Newton IA’s Fallen Bricks – The Form of the Cardinal Dropping

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“They pull buildings down in Alaska. They can pull buildings down in Iowa in October, November, December. You know when they could have? They could have pulled the building down three effing years ago,” Brick said, prompting some chuckles from council members. “So, yeah, weather will not be a delay.”

City of Newton, IA Attorney Matthew Brick, Brick Gentry, P.C.

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An Iowa man is suing the City of Newton for arresting him after he attempted to criticize the city’s police at a public meeting of elected officials.”

“Video of the meeting shows that during the public comment period, Peterson began reading a prepared statement in which he called the mayor and the police chief “the top two fascists in this town” and called for both to be removed from office.”

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‌The historical evidence provides a reasonable conclusion that the City of Newton, IA, is led by a collection of incompetent, negligent, and unethical leaders. At the same time, if the evidence shows that the sum of this leadership damages a citizen, this city’s leadership will exhaust tax dollars deploying Brick Gentry, P.C. to misrepresent the Iowa Code, conceal public records, and, if required, falsely accuse those who continue to lawfully pursue justice with criminal conduct.

Where can you find a municipality that debates the validity of its commercial inspection program during the same year another city in the same state experienced a commercial building collapse? At the same time, the municipality performing the debate has had a partially collapsed commercial building in its downtown area for over three years.

It is possible that some may speculate I have a lot of time on my hands. At the same time, the evidence indicates that I am a simple Marshalltown Bobcat patiently waiting for what evidence suggests is a collection of corrupt Cardinals to get tired of flying crooked.

The bottom line: I did not serve this country for twenty years to lose my children to a paradigm of abuse by those who concealed them across three states because of what evidence shows is a municipal “eff” stain.


A Hungry Bobcat.