Electronic Mail –  City of Spirit Lake, IA Administrator Owens

City of Spirit Lake, IA Administrator Owens   

What irritates me about alleged public servants such as yourself who produce evidence consistent with your last electronic mail is that they produce evidence of entitlement, professional laziness, and possible negligence in adhering to constitutional law and the Iowa Code.   

I won’t bother you with the evidence that indicates I wasted twenty years defending your freedoms, liberties, and rights.  At the same time, the evidence suggests that you are burdened with spending a few minutes reading electronic communications, including redress of grievances protected by Section 7 of Article 1 of the Constitution of the State of Iowa and a public records request enforceable by Iowa Code Chapter 22.   

I encourage you to take my last electronic mail, provide it to your Chief of Police, and find evidence violating Iowa Code Chapter 716A, as you have accused me of.  Suppose your Chief of Police finds zero evidence of spamming in my last electronic mail, as defined in Iowa Code Chapter 716A.  In that case, I encourage you to move your lips less and type more productive and legitimate thoughts on your tax-funded keyboard.   

Are we clear, Sir?  If not, I am well within my rights to attend your next City Council meeting and discuss the reasons for your replacement.  I have not seen my children since 2017 because of citizens like you, Sir, who produce evidence of not wanting to do their job, followed by acts showing resistance to public record requests.

The Grinnell, IA Police Department has my home address and has been included in this correspondence.  Take care, Mr. Owens.   


Michael J. Merritt