The Reactivation of the Fleet Reserve – The Form of the Flying Dutchman

IT2: “IT1, we just received a message over the broadcast from the State of Iowa directing you to halt your public records research of their alleged unethical behavior and violations of Iowa Code Chapter 22 in accordance with the US and Iowa Codes, or you will be arrested.”

Merritt: “Fuck’em. I didn’t spend twenty years of my life standing watch to observe my fellow citizens rot in a constitutional shithole.”

IT2: “IT1, is that what you want me to put in our response?”

Merritt: “Of course not, bro; tell them I respectfully request that the State of Iowa go fuck itself in accordance with the US and Iowa Codes. Here’s a five: go to the ship store and get yourself a drink and me a Pepsi. This is going to be a long mid-watch.”

The Form of the 2nd Amendment Sanctuary

Providing evidence that you have the strength to physically keep and bear arms while defending yourself is not enough to form a patriot.

The form of a patriot is displayed by someone who has the courage to put their on the line in accordance with our laws while defending the rights of others.

Legal Disclaimer: This published creative writing does not represent past, present, or future US or Iowa Code violations. This piece of creative writing represents the constitutional spirit of an honorably retired United States Navy Veteran who turned twenty years of cryptographic, information warfare, and message drafting experience into a public records request research platform in accordance with Iowa Code Chapter 22 in defense of the constitutional spirit of our nation’s founding leaders.