Sheriff and the Iowa Public Records Bandit

Iowa Public Information Board:

I will electronically serve all requested documents and supporting evidence to the IPIB, ICRC, and Poweshiek County, IA, by Monday, 04 DEC 2023 at 0800. The ICRC is included in this correspondence because this situation is relevant to a pending complaint I filed against the Iowa Public Information Board involving evidence of numerous complaints the IPIB refused to process in August 2023, including one against Poweshiek County, IA. I have included the Grinnell, IA, Police Department because they have provided numerous public records providing evidence of the existence of the public record that evidence shows Poweshiek County, IA, failed to release (dispatch recording).

What is the difference between a citizen and a law enforcement officer in the State of Iowa?

The evidence indicates that some within Iowa law enforcement expect to receive requested documents immediately. At the same time, the evidence indicates some within this community feel entitled to disregard requests for public records from the same citizens they expect to immediately provide requested documents.

Shipmate:  “Dude, Sheriff Kriegel asked for your license and registration like 10 minutes ago and you have left him standing outside your Trans Am waiting.”

Merritt:  “Relax. Sheriff Kriegel and I have an understanding he ignores my requests for public records for several weeks, and then he tells me no records are available. Then I ignore his requests for my license and registration for several minutes and then I tell him mine are not available either. Can you get my license and registration out of the glove box.”

Shipmate:  “They are not in there.”

Merritt:  “Well… That is disappointing.”

Shipmate:  “WHAT?”

Merritt:  “Relax brother, this Firebird is mean and green and still avoiding Amendment Thirteen.”

(rolling down window)

Merritt: “Sheriff, I am sorry to keep you waiting for the last ten minutes, Sir. It would appear my license and registration are no longer available either. Is there anything else I can help you with today, Sheriff?”

Those who allegedly enforce the law provide evidence of their proper form when they produce evidence of an inability to adhere to it.  

Legal Disclaimer:  The above dialog represents a fictional narrative of comedic satire reflecting evidence of the public records process within the State of Iowa as manifested by its elected leadership (See: 2011 Acts, ch 106, §16, 17). No past, present, or future violation of the US or Iowa Code is being communicated. The phrase “mean and green” refers to a statement rooted in military tradition communicating the fully operational status of a United States Department of Defense communications circuit.

Grinnell, IA Police Department:  If you ever need help standing the watch give me a call.  If any of your officers are having a bad day and need to hear a good joke.  I will try and find someone that is funny.  Have a good day and thank you for your service.


Michael J. Merritt

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