The Pen is Mightier than the Sword

The Crucified will Conquer those that have Lied.

I am committed to my work because protecting others from what my children and I have lost is the only thing I have left in this life. Protecting others’ happiness is the only way I feel joy.

Serving Jesus Christ fuels my soul and restores my sense of feeling whole.

I am waiting for the adversary that has the courage to help me know that I can still feel with their three nails and not the cowardly false allegations of criminal conduct supported by zero evidence and other forms of deceit and concealment that attempt to grow in the cornfields of Jasper County, IA, that evidence indicates violates our laws.

Do not hide in the entitled, self-righteous darkness behind the limestone walls of Iowa’s halls of justice spinning lies while trying to motivate me to commit suicide; pick up your spear and resurrect me with real pain I can feel inside.

If my destruction is what you desire, show me the same honor, courage, and commitment; I served you with for twenty years on every deployment.

Active Duty citizens and the Veterans that stood the watch before them live every moment of their lives, protecting all citizens’ lives, liberty, and equal rights until they die. Those claiming to be Veterans that served on deployments before producing evidence of violating the constitutional and civil rights of the citizens they allegedly served for personal gain have only provided evidence they played in a sand pile for free college money.

It is my faith in Jesus Christ that motivates me to work in accordance with the US and Iowa Code to bring the evidence of the unethical and the negligent into the light of God and the American justice system that abandoned my children in the abuse and pain they lived through.

Know it is the humanity of my flesh and the sea salt within my soul that works fiercely to build something new that represents our founding documents that will protect our children while I reference every section of the US and Iowa Code with fuck you.

Give me Liberty, Give me Death, or get the fuck out of my way.

Legal Disclaimer: This work of patriotic writing articulates the evidence supporting the existence of a demographic of allegedly self-righteous citizens that passive-aggressively destroy the lives of others while hiding their deeds shrouded in darkness (public record concealment). At the same time, the evidence indicates these citizens claim to live their lives in the light of God on Sundays while surrounding themselves with Christian coffee and donuts. This writing work does not articulate any past, present, or future violation of the US or Iowa Code. The necessity of a legal disclaimer is supported by the evidence that those in Jasper County, IA, that bear 2nd Amendment Devices and false allegations of criminal conduct fear those that boldly bear 1st Amendment devices while speaking the Truth with faith only in Jesus Christ. This writing has not been disseminated electronically via electronic mail or social media to protect a world that measures its value by the size of its collection of participation trophies and other lies it communicates to itself while hiding from its true form behind someone else’s terms of service.

Our physical borders and the strength of our republic’s three-dimensional interior are protected and strengthened by the 2nd Amendment. The soul of our nation and our identity is defended by those who have the courage to speak the Truth protected by the 1st Amendment in the Light while those in power attempt to dismantle them to protect their grip on political power while hiding in the darkness.

United States Navy
Cryptologic Technician Communications

The United States Navy ended the Cryptologic Technician Communications job rating in October 2005. At the same time, merging Active Duty Enlisted Service Members possessing this training and set of skills into the Information Systems Technician Job Rating. The author of this published writing and founder of Ciipher Phoenix is the last of an elite group of message writers and cryptographic equipment technicians that terminate the deceit of darkness with an encrypted bolt of lightning.

“Let your plans be dark and impenetrable as night, and when you move, fall like a thunderbolt.”

Sun Tzu – The Art of War

Enlisted Information Dominance Warfare Specialist

Do not tell me how to search an automated information system for public records you do not wish to release. I will provide a solution to either the evidence of your incompetence or your misrepresentation with hundreds of public record requests that will produce evidence of honorable government bodies with responses that conflict with your own.

Then I will proceed to bury you publicly in accordance with the 1st Amendment, Section 7 of Article 1 of the Constituion of the State of Iowa, the Iowa Code, and Evidence supporting your violation of Iowa Code Chapter 22 to protect the next citizen requesting public records while trying to protect or restore thier life in accordance with our laws.

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