The Darkness of the Caves of Afghanistan

Elected and Appointed Leadership of Jasper County, IA, and the City of Newton, IA:

Ignoring or failing to respond to public record requests submitted in accordance with Iowa Code Chapter 22 is not a legal strategy. It only provides evidence of entitlement or a lack of courage to grasp the tactical position one has produced for themselves.

It has become apparent for a considerable amount of time why some in Jasper County, IA, cling to their second amendment devices with such commitment. The evidence indicates they lack the courage to stand in the light of God with free speech spoken from the hearts of the honorable, as determined by the United States Department of Defense. At the same time, the leadership of Jasper County, IA, and the City of Newton, IA, produce evidence of concealing public records, persecuting the innocent, and falsely accusing the wounded of criminal violations of the Iowa Code while attempting to protect their grip on the authority and power the people entrusted them with. Political power and, more importantly, democratic leadership responsibilities the evidence indicates these alleged leaders are not qualified to possess, based on the evidence of their ethics and execution of the positions the people have elected them to serve.

I will continue to boldly serve the Son of Man while I pursue deceit and tyranny in the darkness of the caves of Afghanistan.

In January 2018, I began receiving electronic correspondence that produced evidence of financial extortion. At the same time, a domestic abuse assailant utilized false allegations of sexual abuse to destroy my life while concealing my children. The only lawyer I have ever retained chose to do nothing about it. By the summer of 2018, her law firm had provided me with a non-disclosure agreement while absorbing thousands of dollars in billing. Publicly available evidence in my case file shows this lawyer was no longer working for this law firm 90 days after the ink dried on the non-disclosure-agreement I was provided.

Ultimately, I hoped for something more challenging from the lawyers within the state that built me. False allegations of criminal conduct and public record concealment will not be enough to defeat me. Suppose your only objective is to lose the battle over the soul of our democratic republic while only causing panic attacks in a Veteran diagnosed with PTSD. In that case, the only thing that has been accomplished may be the production of evidence of what purchases nice clothes and fills lofty positions in the State of Iowa.

On this day, I communicate with certainty that Jasper County, IA, needs to be led by more citizens with the same honor, courage, and commitment as the evidence shows manifests from the Iowa family Halferty. Corn grown in a city or county of the State of Iowa does not give it the right to feed the people of that city or county in a democratic republic if it does not fulfill the requirements of the farmer’s harvest.

When there is No Hope in Sight, it is in that moment Jesus Christ helps us to see while finding Hope through our Faith and Fellowship.


Michael J. Merritt, USN Retired/Writer
Creative Writer/Musician
Information Warfare Specialist
Information Systems Manager
Des Moines VA Medical Center
Building 5 Domiciliary, Room 1024
3600 30th St
Des Moines, IA 50310

“Bricks made with testimony lacking evidence are equivalent to bricks made with straw without clay.”

Cipher Hunter

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