The Form of the Metaverse

My life was destroyed on Facebook because it allowed a user to spread a false sexual abuse narrative during the #MeToo movement that destroyed my life. San Diego East County Superior Court documented on 16 SEP 2021 in case ED100465 there is zero evidence to support anything this user communicated on multiple social media platforms (Facebook, Messenger, etc.) Sexual abuse allegations, the San Diego County Sheriff filed zero charges after investigating. At one point, this situation destroyed my desire to live; it is a battle I struggle with daily. I have been treated for suicidal ideations, severe depression, anxiety, OCD, and PTSD on two occasions at the US Department of Veterans Affairs Des Moines, IA, VA Hospital because of life-threatening symptoms caused by this situation. At the same time, the evidence shows this situation began while I was still on active duty serving this country in the Persian Gulf before my retirement after twenty years of honorable service. This fact is supported by the evidence of electronic communications sent to me by my last Executive Officer and because the US Navy provided documentation showing its investigation that also determined there is zero evidence supporting these allegations.

I have been investigating this situation in accordance with our laws and filing public record requests in accordance with Iowa Code Chapter 22. During this process and several complaints with the Iowa Public Information Board, the evidence shows both Jasper County, IA, and the City of Newton, IA, falsely accused me of violating Iowa Code Sections 708.7 and 708.11 while denying me access to tax-funded public accommodations it provides other citizens. At the same time, I have not been investigated, charged, or convicted of either crime or provided due process regarding the allegations evidence shows were communicated against me. Instead, Jasper County, IA (a government body) has blocked me on Facebook while falsely accusing me of a crime that Jasper County, IA Sheriff Halferty communicated in chest cam footage is not true. At the same time, he responded to a public records request indicating he had no public records documenting that I was charged with that crime. I am taking a break, possibly leaving Facebook, because the evidence indicates there is zero equality in Meta Platforms and Facebook’s enforcement of its alleged community standards. At the same time, Meta Platforms Inc. embraces a paradigm that evidence suggests completely contradicts our laws and constitutions. Evidence of this is supported by the fact that any voice or published dialog that is unpopular, unwanted, or undesired by those in power is silenced directly or possibly through crowd-sourced false abuse reports. At the same time, the evidence in the form of public records released during Iowa Public Information Board 22FC:0091 and testimony provided by Jasper County, IA employee Ryan Eaton on 12 APR 2023 indicates that government bodies are allowed by Meta Platforms and Facebook to block unwanted voices at will during an election year that have not been charged with a crime or provided due process while speaking out publicly; a constitutional right that our laws protect. That is not the country that I served. The entire historical context of this investigation is available at It will continue to evolve as I defend rights and liberties that evidence indicates are slowly deteriorating in the Metaverse.

From my understanding of this situation, one of Facebook’s information system hubs is located in Altoona, IA. Therefore, I will file a complaint with the Iowa Civil Rights Commission, including historical evidence going back to 2019 of domestic abuse, sexual abuse, political narratives, and evidence of government body conduct that violates our laws that Facebook allowed that destroyed my life in the Metaverse.

Evidence of gender-based discrimination regarding evidence of inconsistency regarding which abuse stories are allowed to remain on Facebook that our courts have determined there is zero evidence supporting. Evidence of Facebook allowing false sexual abuse narratives to stay publicly published by women that evidence indicates violates Facebook’s Community Standards. At the same time, violating the rights, liberties, mental health, and physical health of the victims they are targeting through the Metaverse. At the same time, the evidence suggests that men’s abuse testimony and evidence they publish while trying to restore their life and liberty are deleted and silenced.

Evidence of discrimination against a disabled veteran who has never been charged with a crime that evidence indicates has been politically attacked, silenced, harrassed, and threatened during the 2022 election year and to the present. At the same time, investigating evidence of constitutional and civil rights violations related to freedom of speech, domestic abuse survivor rights, and other attacks our laws indicate are criminal, the City of Newton, IA, and Jasper County, IA evidence suggests took inconsistent action to protect my rights in contrast to other cases evidence show these government bodies handled.

If we do not protect our right to freedom and liberty, it will most likely not be silenced by a politician as our laws protect us from these acts. However, at the same time, the evidence indicates that we are slowly devolving back to a paradigm of tyranny under the rulings of society’s top 1 percent’s terms of service.

The Form of Faith

I do not believe God allows Satan to destroy our lives because he does not love us or because he is not there. I believe God allows these things to occur in our lives because he knows he has already blessed us with the tools we need to evolve and overcome the adversity this world puts in front of us. At the same time, we execute actions in accordance with our laws that bring glory to God.

Evidence: Facebook Page Cipher Hunter:

Evidence indicates this Facebook page was deleted on 01 JUN 2023 after I published an article related to my life experience and abuse trauma supported by evidence and an electronic mail to Chief of Police Burdess of the City of Newton, IA Police Department articulating evidence of Jasper County, IA’s allegation against me supported by zero evidence that I violated Iowa Code Section 708.11 because I published a map showing that Jasper County, IA prosecutors walk through bird shit in a dark alley before allegedly representing the lighted halls of justice in our nation’s courts. I witnessed this on public ground nearly every morning while sitting in line at a local coffee shop in the City of Newton, IA. At the same time, the evidence indicates that Jasper County, IA, employees allow their times and locations to be published when requesting taxpayers to pay for their educational pursuits.