Jasper County, IA – Alleged Violation of Iowa Code Chapter 216

Complaint has been filed with the Iowa Civil Rights Commission against Jasper County, IA.

Brandon Talsma, Jasper County, IA Supervisor – Social Media (Facebook Messenger) Block

Doug Cupples, Jasper County, IA Supervisor – Social Media Block (Facebook Page)

Scott Nicholson, Jasper County, IA Attorney – Social Media Block (Facebook Page)

Ryan Eaton, Jasper County, IA Information Systems Manager/Criminal Investigator – Social Media Block (Facebook Page). Communicated a false allegation against the Complainant Michael J. Merritt of violating Iowa Code Section 708.11 on 12 APR 2023 during record requests related to Jasper County, IA’s Facebook block lists and a pending Iowa Public Information Board case regarding requested records related to this sitaution.

Thank you Sheriff Halferty for being there for me. You are the only person in Jasper County, IA that I trust. I believe in you, SIr. It is good people like you that have helped me to keep going through this while helping me to maintain hope.

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