Public Communications – City of Newton, IA – 24 MAY 2023

Mayor Hansen,

I would like to take this opportunity to respectfully submit to you and the City of Newton, Iowa – Government City Council that I don’t give a damn if you feel the backlash the Newton Police Department, IA has received in these last 9 months is “disgraceful and unjust.”

The evidence, in this case, indicates you have evolved from attempting to criminalize other citizens’ right to expressing an opinion and freedom of speech to public shaming and demonization of those that have an opinion contrary to your own. At the same time, producing evidence of only serving and listening to those citizens who have views and opinions in line with your own.

At the end of the day what is “disgraceful and unjust” is the evidence of the City of Newton, IA’s concealment of public records for over 400 days under your leadership relating to alleged domestic abuse and harassment in violation of Iowa Code Section 22.7(5) from a male citizen and protected party. At the same time, LT Cook was happy to release the same form of record including the requester’s name to a female citizen. (Complaint filed with the Iowa Civil Rights Commission – Iowa Code Chapter 216)

At the end of the day Sir, your opinion the evidence indicates is as relevant as your false allegations used against citizens requesting public records and filing complaints against you with the Iowa Public Information Board. That is of course why you allowed me to walk out of the City of Newton, IA city council chambers on 17 APR 2023 after I confronted you with the evidence of your strategic use of a false criminal allegation that I violated Iowa Code Section 708.7 during Iowa Public Information Board case 22FC:0071, correct? At the same time, you denied my access to public accommodations for 6 months while failing to provide me due process for the criminal act the City of Newton, IA alleged against me in accordance with Section 9 of Article 1 of the Constitution of the State of Iowa and the 5th Amendment to our nation’s constitution.….

We both know this IPIB Informal Resolution was never completed because the evidence indicates City Attorney Matthew Brick of Brick Gentry P.C. misrepresented the location of where the requested public records were stored and preserved. We also know that I figured out the correct location and acquired the public records that were requested in case 22FC:0071 for over $70 less than the amount City Attorney Brick stipulated to the Iowa Public Information Board in December 2022.

Is there anything else I can assist you with today Mayor Hansen in accordance with the Iowa Code and our state and federal constitutions?

Are we clear Sir? If anything I have said is not true or if you feel defamed as City Attorney Matthew Brick has historically accused me of doing while providing zero evidence supporting this claim. Please step up to the plate and file court paperwork in accordance with Section 7 of Article 1 of our state’s constitution and let’s really get to know each other, and understand our grievances with each other in accordance with our laws.

What intrigues me about this situation is that like my ex-wife the evidence indicates that you believe you can transform another’s perception of reality with the simple presentation of words. Unfortunately, the similarities end with the fact that I never agreed to or asked to be in this relationship.…

(Citizen participation at 23:40)

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