Nero’s Protestant

As humanity can put its desires before its responsibilities, government can put its agenda before its people while destroying or taking the lives of the innocent who threaten its power. This paradigm exists because a government’s agenda is defined by the desires of its humanity that manifest in the body.

A government and its justice system are not Truth. On the contrary, a government or political structure’s flaws are manifested by the same humanity that utilizes its existence to maintain control over the people that embody the foundation on which its ramparts sit.

When the people’s house represents Truth, the evidence will indicate that those that lead within its chambers provide the foundation a clear view of the rotunda. But, on the other hand, civilizations fall when those that lead them produce evidence that the height and splendor of their rotundas are of greater importance than the strength of their foundation.

The only path that provides a stronger democratic republic is a paradigm that manifests evidence of equality of all voices so that we have a better understanding of the truth. Without this, we embody a tyranny that produces favor toward preferred classes while we parade around founding documents that allegedly protect the life, liberty, and equal rights of all.

If we do not defend our democracy, it will be consumed by the same fire that created it. At the same time, the lives of the innocent light our city streets.

The only question that remains is whether this fire will ignite from outside or within the fireplace.