The Form of the Eternal Deployment and the Dangers of Critical Thinking

The pain of personal loss manifests honor, courage, and commitment in the hearts of those who desire to serve others. At the same time, citizens that maintain this form grow from a garden of faith and hope.

When I thought I could see, I blindly followed a flag and the government bodies holding it.

Now that I know I cannot see, I serve the founding documents and the people that evidence indicates this flag sometimes stands on.

I now see a man standing next to me. I could not see him before, but in my heart, I know he was always there.

When artists sit together at a table, one brings the paint while the other inspires. As we all manifest and carry the canvas that is our lives.

The canvas is the cross that we carry.

I could not write until I discovered what love truly is, and I thought I had lost it. But as I have continued to write, I have realized that light from the North Star illuminates the pages in front of me. At the same time, a fire in a dark forest provides warmth where I dwell. My heart is complete knowing that in my life, my soul was illuminated by these beautiful light sources. Yet, simultaneously, my soul was restored by the light of Truth.

Artist: Alice in Chains, Album: The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here, Writer: Jerry Cantrell. This video and link are shared from the Official Alice in Chains YouTube channel. (C) 2012 Virgin Records.