The Form of Silence in a Second Amendment Sanctuary

The critical variable to manage and be aware of while supporting a politician that produces evidence of being a 2nd amendment rights activist that commits 1st Amendment rights violations is the following:

Evidence indicates they will protect your voice only if your gun always points in the same direction as theirs.

Typically, when a beard inhibits my ability to speak, I shave.

Legal Disclaimer: These words were published by a veteran that wore a US Navy Expert Pistol Medal and US Navy Sharp Shooter Rifle ribbon on his United States Navy Dress Blues during his twenty years of service. That believes citizens that have produced evidence of not competently bearing duct tape should most likely not be allowed to bear arms in a public building.

USS Bataan Communications Officer (COMMO) (2007 Deployment – USS Bataan Flight Deck) – “IT1, how in the hell did you get one of the best scores in my division at the gun range?” A very skinny (at the time) nerdy (evidence indicates I still am) Petty Officer First Class pushed his glasses back up his face and respectfully responded, “Duck Hunt, Sir.” We will save the sea story for another time regarding when I walked into Radio while performing my impression of this US Naval Officer’s West Virginia accent to my brother I served with from Winterset, Iowa, while on watch, who was working on a communications patch panel. At the same time, I was unaware COMMO was standing behind me working on networking equipment. The First Class Petty Officer from Winterset, IA, had a horrified look on his face and pointed behind me. I stood there momentarily while one word with four letters floated through my mind. At that moment, I turned around and realized I could either present evidence of having the courage to make my Division Officer the joke or be the joke while caught in my joke. “COMMMO! You have never heard my impression of you, Sir?” COMMO looked at me momentarily while his eyes indicated a different set of words were floating through his mind and replied, “No IT1, I have not. Where are you regarding the last task I assigned you?” – Seven Seas Joker

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