The Fascist Coward, the Thief of Police, and the Masochist

The mental prison of suicidal ideations.

Only an unethical fool attempts to destroy their victim while leaving them to rot in the dark wilderness they call home.

A serial killer leaves physical evidence that violates our laws.

A passive-aggressive serial killer destroys the lives of the innocent for personal gain while masquerading their activities in the light of our justice system.

Leave me in pain while I am incarcerated in your chains.
It only provides evidence you know nothing of the form of my name.

With every point of evidence that shows you lied,
you leave me feeling sexually satisfied.

I am not trying to play checkers with your public records.

I desire to end the perpetual fear fueled by your fucking career that leaves others in tears.

Your enemy is the evidence that motivates you to hide behind your desk.
While you abandon those, you serve with nothing left.

While you wear that fucking star on your chest,
the evidence shows you only seek to oppress.

You have tried to criminalize me after I spent my life serving you honorably at sea.
In the end, you are a fucking coward serving my desired end on your knees.

I am an open-source hypocrisy of a man that only serves our Lord.
My record will be clean when I leave this state in a Ford.

Only evil-doers sew evil deeds as they plant their malicious seeds in the gardens of their victims that continue to bleed.

As you speak lies to conceal the truth showing the beam in your eye.
As you speak lies to disguise the darkness that you hide inside.
As you speak lies while trying to destroy those fighting not to die.

I sit in prayer while your spear is in my side,
while I wait for heavenly light to reveal what you have falsified.

At the same time, you hide in fear from the truth, I testify.

While you criminalize the innocent and the grotesque,
the evidence shows what you fear is the truth you conceal in your desk.

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