Iowa Open Records Request – City of Newton, IA – #024


To: City of Newton, IA
101 W. 4th Street S.
Newton, IA 50208
(641) 792-2787


Ref: 1. Iowa Code Title I State Sovereignty and Management, Chapter 22 Examination of Public Records (Open Records)

1. Requested Information

(a.) Chest cam/dash cam footage for an incident involving Officer Zlystra at Walmart Super Center, 300 Iowa Speedway Dr, Newton, IA 50208 at approximately 1730 on 01 JAN 2023.

2. The Form of Iowa Code Chapter 722 – Bribery and Corruption

It would be reasonable to conclude if the historical record produced a picture of the records requester donating an extensive check to Chief Robert Burdess’ law enforcement department. At the same time, Officer Zlystra was provided reserved parking at the records requester’s residence in exchange for a publicly documented partnership. Perhaps Officer Zlystra would have invested adequate time in domestic abuse protection order violation complaint NPD-19-26175. 

This criminal complaint included a sworn statement and a booklet of evidence, including screenshots documenting electronic-based communications violating a court order issued by Honorable Judge Martin of San Diego East County Superior Court Department 5 on 30 APR 2019. At the same time, evidence shows Claudia J. Bergman (f.k.a Claudia J. Merritt, a.k.a Claudia J. Alatorre), Matthew E. Merritt, and Sara N. Merritt were coordinating the concealment and transfer of custody of two witnesses from San Diego, CA, to Ames, IA, from court-ordered appearances at San Diego East County Superior Court Department 5 in August 2019 ordered by Honorable Judge Martin on 05 JUN 2019.

This transfer of custody of two witnesses was neither mediated in court nor authorized by San Diego East County Superior Court Department 5. At the same time, evidence across the States of California, Iowa, and Montana show Matthew E. Merritt and Sara N. Merritt (an Iowa State University Education Director that public records show coordinates field trips for public school children) were involved in a conspiracy involving concealment of witnesses from court-ordered appearances and allegations of sexual abuse San Diego East County Superior Court Department 5 documented on 16 SEP 2021 there is zero evidence to support. A court judgment reinforcing three previous investigations performed by the San Diego, CA Sheriff’s Department in 2017 and 2020 and the United States Navy in 2017.

These witnesses were concealed from court-ordered Family Court Services Interviews; San Diego East County Superior Court Department 5 ordered to hear these witnesses’ testimony regarding allegations of sexual abuse utilized to conceal them upon Claudia J. Bergman’s arrival to court on 05 JUN 2019 with zero evidence supporting her allegations documented in her 17 MAY 2019 DV-100 domestic abuse protection order request.

This situation may be the victim’s fault in NPD-19-26175. Evidence indicates he failed to form a partnership with Chief of Police Robert Burdess of the Newton, IA Police Department, including preferred parking and financial incentives for the Newton, IA, Police Department.

As the evidence indicates, Walmart Inc. is a leading global retailer, while the dynamics of this partnership with the Newton, IA Police Department leading to substantial publicly documented arrests on Walmart Inc.’s property is publicly documented for all to see in the Newton Daily News.

At the same time, evidence indicates Chief of Police Robert Burdess has served as “President of the Iowa Police Chiefs Association and previously served as President and Executive Board Member of the Iowa State Police Association and Rabiner Treatment Center.” Additionally, Chief of Police Burdess is the recipient of “the International Association of Chiefs of Police 40 Under 40 Leadership Award, the FBI-LEEDA Trilogy Award, the Iowa Law Enforcement Academy 5 Star Leadership Award, and the Newton Daily News 20 Under 40 Award.” Based on these facts, it would be reasonable to conclude as citizens, who are we to judge?

Evidence showing that Chief of Police Robert Burdess and all of his LTs refuse to speak to the records requester while their contracted city attorney stumbles over his historical testimony while concealing public records for Chief of Police Robert Burdess provides evidence he has possibly already judged himself.

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Officer Ryan Zlystra, Newton, IA Police Department