The Form of Compromised Justice

Any court that disregards its rules and the laws of the state while granting quarter and executing no accountability to a party that has violated its orders or laws of the state. Is responsible for any damage or injury that was caused to another party due to its prejudice and failure to hold the offending party accountable. Including any injury that occurred to a party due to violations of the law that was allowed to perpetuate due to a court’s prejudice and failure in holding an offending party accountable for not following its orders or the laws of the state.

If a court allows a party to not follow court orders due to extraordinary circumstances with no supporting evidence. It puts itself in the position that it must offer all parties sovereignty to its orders in the event of extraordinary circumstances without evidence.


In my career in the United States Navy, I put two people in front of a Commanding Officer for a non-judicial hearing and punishment if determined guilty. They were both my shipmates, they were both junior sailors in my division that I deeply cared about. One pointed a shotgun at my stomach while failing to maintain the responsibilities of their watch and the weapon they were qualified to carry. The other returned to the ship for duty at 1600 (4pm) intoxicated from the consumption of alcohol. No person with compassion and empathy desires to put actions in place that will cause possible damage to another human being, but when we have been appointed to a position of leadership or judgment we no longer represent ourselves. We represent the laws and regulations of the institution that has appointed us to the positions that we hold. Any personal bias that we allow to enter our judgment process not only compromises the positions that we hold but the institutions that we serve.

When a leader or judge fails to hold those accountable that do not follow the law or an organization’s regulations due to personal beliefs or bias. That leader or judge owns the damage (or loss of life) that they allowed to perpetuate.